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Automatic Ticket Vending Machine ATVM-4

Automatic Ticket Vending Machine ATVM-4

Automatic Ticket Vending Machine ATVM-4 is a Self-service PC based Touch Panel Kiosk configured with Bank Note Validator, Coin Validator, Note Dispenser and Coin Dispenser for balance change back. A Thermal Printer with auto-cutter is configured to issue the thermal paper tickets to the users after acceptance of the payment.


  • PC - Intel Core2Duo Processor.
  • 15" Touch Screen Monitor for user interfaces.
  • 3" High Speed Thermal printer with auto cutter for printing Tickets.
  • Bank Note Validator is provided to accept Bank Notes of all denominations with an acceptance speed of 3 Seconds/ Note and with security features to reject fake Notes.
  • Coin Validator to accept Coins of all denominations with an acceptance speed of 2 Seconds/Coin.
  • Two Numbers of Coin Change dispensers to Dispense Balance change to the user. Each dispenser has a holding capacity of 600 coins. This coin holding capacity depends on the thickness and diameter of the coin loaded.
  • Cash Dispenser with holding capacity of 1000 Notes to dispense balance change by means of Bank Notes.
  • Windows 7 Operating System and SQL Server Data Base

Mechanical Design Specification:

  • Powder Coated Metal Enclosure (MS – 1.6mm)
  • Fitted with cooling fans for heat dissipation
  • Front door opening for ease of maintenance with secure tamper proof locks.
  • Dimensions: 1525mm(H)x605(W)x330mm(D), Weight : 80 Kgs(Approximately)

Software Features:

  • Automatic Self Service Ticketing Software to select and print the required tickets.
  • When the user selects the ticket type, the kiosk prompts the user to enter required quantity of the selected ticket.
  • The check out cart displays the items/types selected and the amount to be paid into the machine to print out the Tickets. Upon receipt of the amount by means of Bank Notes and Coin combination, the kiosk prints out Tickets and dispenses the balance change to the user, if any.
  • When no change is available in the dispensers, the Machine stops accepting excess amount from the user and prompts the user to insert exact value of the Tickets on the Touch Monitor.
  • Excellent Sales Audit and Control functions available in the ticketing software.
  • The denomination of Coin and Note in the balance change dispensers is configurable on site as required. Option available to change the Label, Image and Price of the Tickets.
  • Option is available to enable or disable any Bank Note and Coins.
  • The Print out format is configurable.
  • Reports can be viewed only by the user who is authorised by the Administrator.
  • The Administrator rights include addition/deletion of a user and allocation of permission to a user on operating functions of the machine.
  • The UPS is provided as a Standard feature in this machine.
  • Reports can also be exported to Excel format.
  • Data is downloadable on a USB drive.
  • All activities performed on the Ticketing Software are logged.
  • Power Supply: 230V, 50Hz, 180W.
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